5 Easy Tips For Improving Your Smile

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

We all long for it- that beautiful Hollywood smile. But here's the secret... that smile- the one that's plastered across glossy magazines... it’s not real! Instead, those pearly whites that you see smiling at you on the pages of magazines are often carefully constructed crowns that most likely cost thousands of dollars and countless office visits to perfect. So, what are those of us without rock-star bank accounts to do to achieve a stunning smile?

To help you achieve a beautiful smile without running to the bank we have compiled a list of 5 easy and cost-effective strategies for maximizing your smile.

1. Whiten to brighten that smile!

One of the most cost-effective ways to brighten your smile is with at home whitening systems. Personally, I really like Opalescence Go. We sell this home whitening system here in the office and are currently running a 20% off holiday special for kits purchased in office.

2. Binge eat your favorite sweets to prevent cavities!

Thought that headline might get your attention! If you have a sweet tooth like me, or a soft drink addiction like my wife, then this might be the most important tip for you! Surprisingly, it's better for your teeth to eat all that candy you've been hoarding in one fell swoop than to eat small amounts of your favorite sugary treats all day long! The scientific reason behind this is pretty interesting! You see, every time you eat a sugary treat the bacteria in your mouth breaks down that sugar and in turn excretes acid. This acid is what leads to the demineralization of your teeth, otherwise known as cavities. Luckily, our saliva works to flush out the acidic environment of our mouth- but this can't be done if you are constantly consuming sugary treats throughout your day.

3. Protect your gums.

Beautiful white teeth surrounded by red, angry, inflamed gums is obviously not the look you’re going for- so it is important to floss daily to ensure you set a strong and healthy foundation for your teeth!

4. Find more reasons to flash those pearly whites!

The sparkle in your eyes and the glow that radiates from your heart when you flash a genuine smile is really what makes your smile truly beautiful- not the symmetry or shade of your teeth! Enjoy this order from your dentist- do more things each day that make you happy! Research shows that the act of smiling releases important neurotransmitters which can lower your blood pressure and heart rate as well as lift your mood! Plus, we all know a genuine smile is MUCH prettier than a fake one!

5. Visit your dentist today!

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